Valet Cover
 ​ This little plug covers up the valet keyhole located near the fuel and engine lid release handle. Over time debris collect in that little hole and makes it look ugly. 
This is our second version of this cover and it is now magnetic. Just place the cover over the keyhole and let the magnet pull it out of your fingers for a nice fit that matches closely to the plastics. This little addition should last a lifetime. 

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MR-S 20th Anniversary
Comfort Care Package 
Celebrating over 20 years. KeyTechniques would like to bring to you a comfort package for your MR-S that includes two interior covers, replacement sticker set and a personal specification sheet.  

 Glove Box Cover 
 Does anyone actually store their gloves in their glove box? probably not but for the MR-S our frunk latch is located in the box. I was asked  by enthusiests to make a keyhole cover for the glove box and it was not possible because it needs to match two important criteria, to be easily removed and without falling out of the hole otherwise its not very convenient when you want to lock the contents of both the glove box and frunk when you leave your top down. Now its possible.
This cover is also magnetic which is what makes it possible and I tried my best to make it match the interior plastics so it looks invisible. This gives the interior more refinement like panted  keyhole covers on the car but for the interior. This plug should also last a life time. 

Fuel Door and Engine Bonnet Replacement Stickers
These stickers were made by an enthusiast by the name of Oldman. Oldman was able to get actual stencil drawings of the MR-S instead of the generic car picture that the OEM uses. Its a small detail but one that adds the right meticulous attention to detail. 
 Oldman  shared the Images with me and I had them printed for the masses. Over a period of time the OEM stickers fade with age and could use a bit of rejuvenation.  
Many of these replacement stickers were sold but now this is the new version is even better as the inks are better quality. The black is no longer shiny, its satin and refined.  Just trim the stickers, peel back to expose the sticky surface and apply over the old faded ones or scrape the olds ones off and add these. 

 PSS Personal Specification sheet
 ​ With this laminated sheet you can write down important data to keep track of your Spyder. When you performed certain maintenance items, aligment specs, boost level, coil over settings and so much more. Simply use a magic marker and let it dry. When you need to change the setting use a tissue and water to erase. Keep this in your glove box for your next AutoX or when you want to give your aligment guy your last specs. 

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Hope to see these cars on the road  20 years from now Have fun.