MR2 Spyder

                     Single Sided Swingarm

The Single Sided  Swingarm is an inexpensive replacement for the factory rear engine prop rod.  With this modification you will be able to lift your rear engine hood  with convenience for general inspection and maintenance work.  Uncle Mush and I have made this item flexible and affordable with all of the parts needed for the installation including the 40LB strut so there is no need to source that item, and everying including all bolts, nuts and washers.  Uncle mush has also included a detailed  instruction PDF that is available for download which is provided by clicking he link below which is good for all of the brackets if you choose to purchase the deluxe kit minus the rear side brackets to complete the car at a later time.  The 40LB is robust but for a large wing we suggest the deluxe kit  which includes all of the brackets. 

Rear Brackets with Strut
PDF  Instructions