Our site was established in 2010 however we have been selling our products to a variety of Toyota owners since 2006 though Automobile forums. 
 We offer this website as a convenience to our customer base so they can see what all we have to offer as well as make it easy to order our  products for purchase. 

We take pride that all of our  products are all made in the USA.  Unlike many of the online resellers who  have their inventory and infrastructure to ship your product immediately our products are made to order, handcrafted with care and are made every week to be shipped out soon as the finish has cured. Our biggest strength is that we are enthusiast based and communicate to our customers individualy about where in the process their order is as well as any technical support they require.

 Josh Winkle: Logistics and shipping
 Dev Hanumara : Sales and marketing 

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Welcome to KeyTechniques About Us Section
Josh's 2003 MR2 Spyder (Turbo)
Dev's 2000 MR2 Spyder (2ZZ)
 Our mission is to provide quality handcrafted products to our greater enthusiast market to fill a niche which is missing  from mainstream commercial commerce. 
 Our evolution towards growth, innovativeness and pioneering sprit is reminiscent of the guiding principles of past entrepreneurial success which allows us to be forward looking into the future to meet the needs of enthusiast of all types. 
 Whenever possible it is our goal to source materials that are made in the USA so that our customers both international and domestic can have an affinity towards the country of origin the products were manufactured.