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                   V2 Wiper Plug 
  This is our latest Wiper plug that replaces the chrome ones that we 
use to sell.  The previous version did it's job nicely and there have been
hundreds of satisfied customers however in our effort to improve we are happy to announce our Version 2 wiper plug that not only fits flush to the body, they are also 100% corrosion free and look terrific.  As always we maintain good color match and we feel that you will like our new offering as we are equally excited for Scion owners. 

Installation instructions.
Items needed:
1. Clear Silicon sealant which can be purchased in any automotive store. 
2.  Qtip 

 Installation is fairly easy but it requires you to be cartful so that no silicon sealant touches the painted face of the wiper plug.  

 1. Apply a dab of Silicon sealant on to the Qtip and spread it underneath the wiper plug as shown in the picture below. I would apply a dab right where the body of the plug meets the top so that when the wiper plug is installed it will get squeezed on to the lip. Make sure you don't go too far to the edge as we don't want the sealant to ooze out. 

2. Now all that is required is to push the wiper plug through the wiper hole and let the sealant from underneath the wiper plug make contact with the body of the car and then let it dry to form a water tight seal. 

That's about it and it should be as simple as that. Enjoy. 

XB, XB2 & iQ    V2 Wiper plug 
V2 Wiper plug
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