MR2 Spyder

Wind Deflector

  Wind Deflector         by Uncle Mush

 I sill have the original Bama Spyder Wind Deflector which was made to replace the stock smoked OEM deflector that came with the car and it was created to address the rear visibility. Bama Spyder also created a slightly larger version which nearly eliminated the turbulent wind noise issues in the cabin and because it was clear you could see out of it which went way beyond what the Toyota engineers could not achieve.  
 Uncle Mush has taken this design and improved on it by making it out of clear Acrylic which is the same material used to make the OEM. After receiving the production sample I can attest that the manufacturing is superb with neatly cut and exact surfaces, so exact that I could stand the deflector up on it's edges without any support. 
The Acrylic is also crystal clear which was a surprise as well and you should not be able to tell it's there while driving all the while performing it's function of buffeting the air so you can hold a conversation. 

Installation Instructions
Remove the 8 hex bolts. From the outer frame
Tools you will need to make this modification

10mm socket to remove the four nuts that hold the wind deflector in place.
Metric Hex wrench (Allen wrench) size 4
X-Acto knife or some other razorblade knife
Scotch 3M double sided tape

Remove the OEM Smoke Acrylic wind deflector from the car by removing the 4 10mm nuts (hidden under plastic housing)

Remove the 4 hex bolts from the inner frame.
Double click here to add text.Remove the protective paper cover from the first side of your new tall clear wind deflector.
Lay down a strip of Scotch 3M double sided tape where the gasket will go. The gasket is provided with your deflector purchase. Do not use blue masking tape as in the picture. I just used the blue masking tape to give you a reference of where the double sided tape will go. Use OEM part to reference for placement of the gasket.
Peel the protective tape from the gasket material
Turn the wind deflector over and cut holes out of the gasket material.
Remove protective paper from the 2nd side of your new wind deflector and repeat the process of installing the gasket on the reverse side. Reassemble and install. 

Prepare yourself for a more comfortable ride and the admiration of your fellow Spyder owners.
No longer avalible