Top Strap______________

The Spyder has a design flaw which allows the OEM strap to get snagged which can stretch and damage the delicate elastic that is attached to the strap. Another point of damage is that the snagging will also cause the buttons snaps to get crushed on the rail  which  causes it to get detached. You maybe able to button it again and again but over time  both the stretching and button damage will cause you permanent grief. 

This Top Strap is a god send and it was developed by a Spyderchat member to prevent ears which peak out when the strap is folded down. Some people think it is only  a replacement for the missing or broken strap however it solves the original problem of the strap being snagged. Our strap is made with the best materials including durable elastic to help preserve the top for many years.

MR2 Spyder

                            TOP STRAP
No longer avalible