MR2 Spyder

                     The Ultimate Oil Filler Tube

The Ultimate Oil Filler Tube is a Spyder specific part made by Uncle Mush.  One of the annoyance with filling oil in our cars is the cross brace getting in the way and one of the solutions around it is to use a narrow long funnel or one that is flexible but it always seems to be clumsy.  When I received the prototype I  wasn't all that impressed until I actually tried it on my car realizing  why it is far better.  There are two arms that are flexible which fit on the brace locking it in and the aperture of the tube is much wider which will allow you to be able to fill your car with oil much faster then with a narrow crooked funnel.   Having the tube supported solid will limit any spills and makes changing  oil better with the brace then having no brace at all turning a disadvantage into an advantage. 
  This is a quality part that Uncle Mush tells me takes a good deal of his time to make to
angle just right.  It is made of quality parts, it's copper after all so it's not cheap and it will give
 you I lifetime of service.

   Funnel is not included however you can use any funnel you have on hand. 

No longer avalible