WRX FRS Keyhole covers  
We have been making this product for quiet some time for Scion and Toyota owners we are happy to offer a single keyhole cover that works for Subaru owners and by default  for the FR-S. At this time the keyhole cover is ready for sale however I do not have the paint as that is a very large investment. I have sent a sample cover to a member on a car forum I frequent  who owns both a 2020 WRX and a FR-S however the cover was painted in Toyota Color code 070 which is a pearl white. It is not a perfect but he seems to like it and it is available  for immediate sale. In the mean time if you are interested  and would like me to support your car color I will require at least 3 orders to be purchased and then I will be able to invest in the paint and be able to make your order and all future orders. I have done this for the Scion community and it has worked well. Please keep in mind that this web page is under development and will be updated frequently and will have a buy it now for the cover so owners can  purchase. You can contact me at www.keytechniques@hotmail.com if you are interested.