MR2 Spyder

                     SS Door Sills 

SS Door Sills
                                                     Blank stainless steel Door Sills 
 I got a hold of these brushed stainless steel door sills and right off the bat fell in love with the material. It has good corrosion resistance and matched the interior of our cars nicely. It's not blingy and looks     high quality, it is the real deal and not some cost cutting measure from a manufacture that uses   cheap laminate. It cant be seen in the photographs but the brushed finish grain pops! I could       have gone thinner but I chose 20 gauge because it adds to the depth by looking solid.

  These door sills are blanks and can be used on the car just as they are or you can garnish         them however you like. Some of my customers have used emblems or stickers purchased on       EBay. Some have even got theirs etched and they look really nice. 
 You can click the cluster of pictures above and see their work. The possibilities are yours. 
 These door sills can be attach either by emblem adhesive or red 3M double sided tape. 

As of 3/28/2014 Takuban Motorsports is producing decals specifically for our door sills. These door sill decals are cut precisely and come in a variety of colors and  designs. 

 The decals can be ordered here. 

Customers custom work.