QRG ( Quick Reference Guide) 

This is a comprehensive information guide that will assist you in many of the general repairs and maintenance you will perform on the Spyder.  Even if you have the BGB the QRG is still an essential tool in looking up torque values and specifications in one convenient place rather then fumbling though the big book.  It will fit nicely in the bag that came with your owners manual and because quality was not spared as we had the guide printed in color on 100 pound high quality paper on both sides then laminated it will give you or the owners the car is sold to a lifetime of great service. 

Some of the headings include; 
  • Engine :  engine specs, Spark plugs and spark torque and so much more.
  • Engine oil:  Type, Capacity, oil filter part number and so much more 
  • Transaxle: Ratios, oil type, Flywheel bolt torque and so much more
  • Lift positions: Diagram with color guide explaining the proper place for the hydraulic jack and jack stands.
  • Suspension Torque: most all essential suspension torque for repair and suspension mods. 
  • Suspension set up: factory Alignment settings including tire pressure 
  • Engine exhaust Torque: Great for doing precats or any exhaust repair.
  • Light Bulbs: You blew out a light bulb no worries it has all of the cross reference numbers to find the bulb you require. 
  • Color codes: list all color codes with color squares so you can order parts, Touch up paint ect. 
There is so much more to list but this gives you a general idea of how this Reference guide is setup and essential for doing any general maintenance or repairs.
QRG Type
Please note that the Spyder comes with a 1ZZ from the factory. The 2zz is offered for those that have swapped their engines.