We have experimented off and on for the last few years painting vinyl stickers and finally we found the right formula to make this happen. It's not an easy process and they must be harvested to separate the good ones from the bad on our pallet. The ones that do make the process are durable beyond our expectations. We carry these stickers in four different sizes which can be used for anything you can think of.  One of the most common uses is for the xB wiper nozzle delete. 

We recommend that you measure the size you need to cover if you plan on using this sticker for a nozzle delete as different models have different size holes.  
Once you can determine your paint code you can enter it in the "Enter Color Code Here" box below
 and then click Buy Now. If you mess up or have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us using the Support link at the top of this page. 

Painted Round Stickers 
Painted Round Stickers
3/4 inch

5/8 inch

1/2 inch

1 inch

  XB wiper nozzle 
  3/4 "
Does not represent actual size. Please measure before ordering. 
No longer avalible