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This is the product we are famous for  and we have sold many sets over the years the world over.  The keyhole cover does exactly that, it cover up the keyholes so that the  car takes on a uniform look similar to shaved handles.  It is amazing how much of a difference  something so small makes and it can be appreciated once you look at the car as a whole.
Keyhole Covers  Matrix, Corolla Vibe, Camry and other Toyota makes with newer handles
Bumper Plugs
This product was made at the request of our customers. It is a plug that coves up the holes that are used for the front licence plate. Unlike other bumper plugs in the market ours has a small foot print to hide as much as possible the presence of the plug. The plugs are color matched and blend in nicely.
Bumper Plugs
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This product has information for every enthusiast from the car owner who would like to track the maintenance of his car to the seasoned racing enthusiast that likes to tweak his suspension or any other settings including boost. As with the QRG the PSS quality was not spared as we had it printed in color on 100 pound high quality paper on both sides then laminated.  This quality allows you too simply add the data onto the card with a permanent marker and it will stay put as long as you like and when the time comes to change the settings all that is needed is some alcohol or nail polish remover. 
Personal Specification Sheet  PSS
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Matrix-Corolla-Vibe-Camry and other Toyotas with newer handles. 
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