MR2 Spyder

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  Rear Gill by Uncle Mush

 This new grill design transforms cars looks quiet radically and at the same time blends well enough not to look   like an aftermarket part. As a result the car has a refined expensive look compared to the cheap plastic rear grill Toyota added. The original prototype that was developed over four years ago looked great but after sending the piece to Uncle Mush it was further perfected it to have an extra fin and the edges are cut more precisely to match the rear opening. This enhancement makes the MR-S a lot less dated and a lot more exotic. Having the prototype on my car for all four years has received a lot more inquires by perplexed on lookers on the make of the car.  The Grill is sold unassembled and unpainted to reduce labor costs to the end user so we can keep it in a price point that is attainable for the amount of labor that goes into making each one. The Aluminum fins will  look nice finished in any high-quality weather resistant spray paint as long as it's painted flat or semi-flat black which is relatively easy to do. 

Rear Grill