MR2 Spyder

                            MR-S Keyhole covers
This is the product we are famous for  and we have sold many sets over the years the world 
over.  The keyhole cover does exactly that, it covers up the keyholes so that the  car takes
 on a uniform look similar to shaved handles.  It is amazing how much of a difference something 
so small makes and it can be appreciated once you look at the car as a whole.
Keyhole Cover Tech

  • Our keyhole covers are made with the utmost care and have gone though many different iterations until we found the perfect formula which requires the right combination of product as well as timing to ensure proper adhesions 
  • Our process involves multiple layers of steps and we use quality materials. The paint we use is Chroma based which ensures proper color matching.  Please click on the diagram for a brief synopses of our  process.
Ordering instructions: 
Please Make sure you Identify your color code from the chart and select it in the options below.

Keyhole covers stem version
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