MR2 Spyder

                       Front bin cover      
                                                                                          Rear bin cover   

The RBC  will increase the look of the interior of your car, allow you  to decrease the weight of your car and is made with high-quality weather resistant cloth material.  The RBC works by replacing the two plastic bin doors behind the seats.  The RBC was originally created by supunna_picta who has allowed keytechniques to manufacture the RBC on a commercial level with our own materials and seams.
The Look:
Although the Spyder  is designed with good rear bin doors, the look of Spyder  doors is reminiscent of the cheap plastic doors found on utility trucks.  On most mid-engine cars, like Ferrari's and Porsche's, carpeting runs continuously through the full length behind the seats and usually goes unnoticed.  However, Toyota decided to use a cheaper method by installing plastic rear bin doors instead of providing the more luxurious carpeting.  Fortunately for Spyder  drivers, the RBC allows the driver to reestablish that missing interior elegance already existing in other mid-engine cars.
The Weight:
For drivers who look to decrease the weight off their car, the RBC allows the driver to remove 6 pounds without sacrificing safety, comfort or appearance.  

 The Quality:
The cloth material used in the RBC is weather resistant and is capable of undergoing the typical environmental demands, including wind turbulence, for a convertible driver.  The twill inseam used for the edges provides a classic touch for a typical roadster.  The RBC can be opened to reveal the rear bin by unbuttoning the black buttons that blend in with the background.  Finally, if the driver wishes to return to the plastic doors, reinstalling the doors is a simple and safe process.  All of the hardware required to install the RBC is provided in the shipment.

The FBC has also been pioneered by supunna_picta and is badly needed for most owners because in order to use a front strut bar you will have to lose the frunk bin hatch door. 
Most of us have this void and if you want to store anything in this area like amps or luggage it can be subjected to moisture.
We use a weather resistant material with button snaps so that you can open and close at will for storage and it looks great. If you like you can take this to an embroiderer and have them place any logo or writing you wish on it to make it your own.  This product comes with all the hardware you need to make your install uneventful and if you ever want to go back to the hatch door the process is completely reversible. 

No longer avalible