This our complete inventory of colors.  

  • 040   Super White
  • 068   Polar White
  • 070   Blizzard Pearl 

 Silvers and grays 
  • 1C8  Lunar mist
  • 1D0 Liquid Silver
  • 1D2 Thunder cloud Metallic 
  • 1E0 Flint Mica
  • 1E3 Phantom Gray Pearl
  • 1E6  Moonshadow 
  • 1E7 Silver Streak mica
  • 1E9 galactic gray mica 
  • 1F4 Shadow mica
  • 1F7 Classic Silver Metallic
  • 1G3 Magnetic Gray Metallic

  • 202  Black onyx
  • 209  Black Sand pearl
  • 210  Carbon Blue Mica
  • Flat back:  for unpainted handles

  • 3L5  Radiant Red
  • 3P0  Absolute Red
  • 3P1  Impulse Red Pearl 
  • 3P2  Black Cherry Pearl
  • 3Q3 Salsa red
  • 3R0 Sizzling crimson mica 
  • 3R2 Torched Penny Met
  • 3N0 Black Berry crush

  • 4R8  Hot Lava
  • 4VO Army Rock

Yellow and gold
  • 576  Solar Yellow
  • 580  Gold rush mica

  • 6M7 Camo
  • 6R4  Electric Green Met
  • 6U1  Envy Green 

  • 8M6 Spectra Blue Mica
  • 8P8  Blue Onyx Pearl 
  • 8P4  Indigo Ink Pearl
  • 8Q1  BlitzBlue Mica
  • 8Q6  Azure Pearl
  • 8R2  Paradise Blue Metallic
  • 8S6 Nautical Blue Metallic
  • 8S7 Wave Line Pearl 
  • 8T4 Stingray Metallic
  • 8T5 Blue ribbon Metalic
  • 8T6  Voodoo Blue
  • 8U3  Hypnotic Teal         
  • 9AD Murasaki Metallic          

Please check your door jamb or engine bay of your car for your color code.  You can then type the color code in the enter color code window  before clicking the shopping cart for the product to be purchased.

Color Code Library
If you don't see your color we don't have it at this time but we can make it available if you were to purchase two orders. Please email us and we will see what we can do.