MR2 Spyder
Energy Suspension 
Bushings and Tool kit/ 
Whats included in your purchase 

1. Bushing tool kit   
2. Energy suspension front control arm DVD tutorial
3. Superpro full bushing kit installation DVD tutorial
4. Energy suspension front control arm bushing set. 
5. My technical support 
You package will be sent out Priority mail service with deliver conformation.  Domestic US

 International ships out  Priorty mail expidited service. 

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  1. Safety is paramount, I am not responsible for bad installations, if the work is beyond your competence level please have the procedure professionally done as I am not responsible for any personal injury or property  damage.  The tool is a  means of helping you install the bushings, use good judgment  and torque the bolts to factory specifications. 

2.  Please do not post pictures of the tool or discuss it's workings on the forum. 
    It has taken me a great deal of time and effort  to formulate every part that went into the tools development so that it would be cost effective and worthwhile to produce. 

3. Please do not resell or distribute the tool. It was specifically made tor one owner and one owner only to help you with the install. The profits I make go back into R&D for other products like this one to make the Spyder better and to put food on my table. 

4. Make sure the tool assembly with the bolt is straight and aligned so that the bushing passes. 

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 I am trying to keep stock of this item however it is most probable that it may take  upto 1-2 weeks before I can ship the product to you. 
 Please Email  me at and I can update you with the current avaliblity before or after you order.  

 This has been great product for our Spyders for those who have allready fitted them. 
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This new bushing is made by Energy suspension specifically for our control arm, it not only makes a great replacement for your tired rubber bushing, they are going to be stiffer then the Superpro bushings because the metal sleeve is a whole lot thicker. 

This is a premium bushing made my Energy suspension. 

1. Free floating design which is very important in terms of eliminating any binding. 
2. Channels to retain the grease. 

I made this otherwise expensive replacement very easy with my bushing tool and new video which shows you how to access the bushing without full disassemble of the control arm. This means that you do not have to remove the ball joint from the hub or disconnect the tie rod which can be a pain. 
It is so easy that I found it easier then replacing brake pads and the procedure can be done in a matter of one hour with my tool. 

Tools you will need

1. 17mm wrench 
2. Ratchet 
3. 17mm socket
4. 14mm socket
5. My bushing removal and installation tool with DVD.