I had the good fortune to be introduced to this product by a local owner of a tC who initially used a chrome plug. I happen to use a plastic plug instead which turned out even better because it sits flush to the body. When the owner installed the new plug in front of me we were both impressed because it looked as if it came from the factory. We both could not get over our excitement at how cool this modification made the tC looked as a whole.  

 Please keep in mind the instructions linked are for removal of the antenna and not for the installation of our kind of plug. To installed our plug you simple have to squeeze the base a little and then push in. Keep in mind it is a tight fit which is a good thing once it is installed. 
Once you can determine your paint code you can enter it in the "Enter Color Code Here" box below
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tC Antenna delete plug 
tC Antenna delete plug 
No longer avalible